Can you help to identify any of these people?!  If you can identify any of the following photos, email me and I will post the names next to the photograph.  If you have photos you'd like identified, send them to me in .jpg format and I will add them to this page.

This photo was in my great grandmothers picture box.  Her name was Missouri Alabama Morgan Reser.  Her mother was Eleanor Sitz Morgan Her Father was Thomas Morgan.  Eleanor was daughter of Celia Dykes Sitz and John Sitz. Celia was the daughter of Isham Dykes and Prudence Choate. Eleanor was married to THomas Morgan son of John Morgan and Jane Mccane.  John was in the Tenn Vol. in the 1812 war against the Creeks.  So does anyone have a picture of any of these people that might look like this one?  I know my Great grandma look like him and my grandma did and my mom does,  I just don't know who this noble warrior is.
Thanks for your help.
Debi Bice

This photograph was given to my mother, Ruby (Wileman) Kunz by her cousin Bertha (Johnson) Lawson. It was included in with several other photographs of their relatives which were identified so it is probably associated with those family members which include Abby Jane (McCoy) Henley, Grandmother of Ruby and Bertha, Ike or Steve McCoy, Brothers of Abby Jane Henley. It also could be from the Wileman side of the family, if so, it could be Mack Wileman and his first wife Mary (Dudley).

The front of the photograph has the identification of the Southern Studio, Tracy City, Tenn. and has a format of about 1900.

There is nothing written on the back of the photograph.

Any help in identifying this photograph would be greatly appreciated.
Clyde Kunz

This is a picture of Isaac Layne in the center of the middle row. He was the father of William Thomas "Preacher Bill" Layne.    Mae Pearl King Wilhelm said that the woman labeled is Samantha Thomas Layne, Isaac's wife, but others say not.  Sam Gilliam on the front row is also labeled.  The next to last person on the second row (right) is in some of Della Layne Cox's other photos. 

I suspect this photo was taken around 1890 because Isaac died in 1897 at age 57, so he is probably 50 or so here - maybe older.  I also suspect that the location was either in Summerfield or Layne's Cove.  This is probably a whole group of our kinfolk.  The woman in the white collar on the back row looks a whole lot like Bertie Gilliam Magouirk, Aunt Annie's daughter, but she would not have been born yet.  The 5th person from the left on the back row resembles my daddy, Joseph Elbert "Ebb" Layne, but he was not born until 1914.   Hope to hear from you.

Photos were sent in by Diana Wyatt (  The photos were in her father's (Ray Smith) collection when he passed away in 1991.  She thought someone might recognize them.

Unknown 1
UPDATE  Photo has been identified!  November 22, 2005
Marion "Fod" Raulston son of Jonah Raulston who operated Wonder Cave for many years.
Identified by Rachel Bonner Jacobs and Mary Elizabeth Frances Shelton

Unknown 2
UPDATE:  Photo had been identified!  December 20, 2005.
James Frank "Hoover" Gunn now living in Pelham Tennessee.  The photo was identified by Mary Ellen Patton and  Tom Gunn, brother of Hoover on November 28, 2005

Unknown 3


This photo was given to me by my father-in-law.  He says that the folks in it are at a Shetter reunion.  However, he can only ID three or four of these people.  Can you help?   Sharon Goodman (

Unknown Shetters

Unknown Shetter Retouched


These photos were sent in by Donna O'Brien.  If you can identify any of these people, please let her know!

Unknown Men

Unknown Woman
(We think they were probably taken in Gruetli-Laager or near the Grundy/Marion border and/or Fiery Gizzard.)

Family Group
(Young man on the far left (kneeling down) is William Carroll Harris.  Young woman on the far right (sitting on the ground, hat in her lap) is Mary "Mollie" Mabee Richmond (wife of Will C. Harris). Our Richmond family was from Monteagle, so this photo could be some of them also.


The following photographs were found in the home of Clercy and Maymie Hamby in Burrows' Cove , Pelham, TN.  Some of the photos are dated, but none of them are identified as to who is in the photos.  If you can identify any of the photos, please contact Janelle Taylor.

Unknown couple, dated July 23, 1913
Unknown couple, dated July 24, 1913, could this be a Winton?
Unknown couple, dated May 13, 1913
Unknown couple, daguerreotype
Unknown woman
Unknown woman
Unknown ladies, looks like photo cut in half
Northcutt's Cove group, on the back it says "beauties of Northcutt's Cove"
Unknown miner
Unknown pair with sporting equipment
Unknown ladies, this one is a large photo
Unknown family
Unknown family, all daguerreotypes

This is my mystery picture , his name is Lawrence -------? on the back of the picture it has Lawrence  M or Lawrence N ? I don't know who he is but I'm hoping he is someones grandfather and will reconize him.   Thanks Earlene Bryant


I believe this young woman is related somehow on my mother's side, which would mean a Griswold or Morton connection, but I don't know who she is.  She has a strong family resemblance to both me and my niece, though, when we were younger, and I'm quite curious to place her on our family tree.  The original photograph looks like there has been dark ink smeared on her hair. 
Katie Goforth


I know how happy it makes me to get more pictures of family, so I always like to share when I can.  I got through the rest of that box, but there weren't anymore outside our family members.  I do have a few that were not marked (3 unknowns).  I have another that is cut off, but what I can read says, "Bessie Speegle - 1947."    I'm not sure if they're Grundy, Franklin or Marion county people, but if you could post them on your website maybe someone will know who they are. 
Bessie Speegle-1947- where are they from?
Unknown 1 - IDENTIFIED as R.B. Cox and son Wayne and daughter Ellen of Pelham
Unknown 2
Unknown 3


This one was sent in by Gwen Rowe .  Since she used to live in Monteagle, they may possibly be a Thomas or Bennett family relative.  Does anyone recognize them?   IDENTIFIED as Elmer "Ninny" Gipson, his wife Dicie Jane Rollins Gipson and son Jack Gipson of Monteagle.


The girl in front with plaid dress about two from right is Doris Jean Wooten who married Doug Butner.  They were our neighbors for years in Monteagle.  This could be a graduation party or something.  Doris died at 35 with cancer, but some of these may still be alive.  Can anyone ID any of these?
Jackie Partin

Ladies in front row left to right:  Hazel Grace Sanders; Unknown; Emmaline Pocus; Patsy Northcutt; Billie Jean Brown; Unknown; Doris Jean Wooten; Patsy Geary.

Another viewer sent in this information:  Hazel Grace Sanders; Ray Winton; Caroline Conry from Palmer; Delbert Goodman from Pelham; Emaline Pocus from Palmer (she married James and Ruby London's son); Bernice Tate ( a guy!); Patsy Northcutt (who married Jamie Marler who is W.D.'s brother); Nellie Pickett from Laager (who is Bill Pickett's sister  He later married Alice Faye Lockhart Hargis);  Billie Jean Brown (deceased); Julia Thomas. (back row): Betty Pattie (front row white dress. She was married to Paul Street, now )l Carl Dykes; Jim Bennett; Doris Jean Wooten; Patsy Ruth Geary Tucker Byers; Last guy is either Kenneth Reeves or Glenn Llautzenheizer.


I know this isn't a "people photograph", but the owner of this photo would like to find out if this house is located in Grundy County.  He bought a photo of the house at a flea market but does not know its location.  He's not even sure it is in Grundy County or even Tennessee.  Some have said the Boyd house, others say the Werner House. Does anyone recogize this house?!  If so, please contact Doug and let him know!


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