View of Pelham Valley from the Hwy. 41 Switchback

Trussel Cove view 1

Trussel Cove view 2

Old gas station

Pelham Post Office

Pelham Methodist Church

Community Center

Barn in Pelham

Pelham Food Market

Pelham Post Office and Lodge

Shed in Pelham

Thistle in field

Old Stage Coach house (now home of Judy Rickner)

Old Goodman/Moran homeplace

Photos contributed by Sharon Goodman (

Bridge at the head of Elk River

Bridge at the head of Elk River (close up)

John David Wilder store in Pelham. I finally found where I got the picture originally. It belonged to Ms.Henrietta Bowden Ray. She and my mother were good friends. Her mother was Della Wilder Bowden, wife of Dr. Bowden in Pelham. This is a caption I found for the picture when it ran in a newspaper. First Filling Station in Pelham. - Mr. John David Wilder, a blacksmith, opened Pelham's first gasoline filling station.  It was located just south of what today is the intersection of U.S. 41 and State Highway 50.  Note
that Mr. Wilder sold both Gulf and Sinclair gas.  The pumps were
hand-operated. Mr. Wilder did all kinds of blacksmithing in the age of horsepower. Photo of Mrs. Henrietta Ray.

1935 Fourth of July Parade in Tracy City. I will talk to Ernie Cheek and get the details about the car. My memory is that his family had sold the car several years ago. He tracked it down and bought it back. I will let you know the details after I talk with him.

Photos contributed by Ron Crabtree (

Coalmont Park

Canal along Coalmont Park

An old rock bridge on the Northcutt's Cove Road

Mormon Church in Northcutt's Cove. It is no longer used as a church, but is maintained as historically important in the growth of Mormanism in the eastern U.S.

Inside of the Northcutt's Cove Mormon church

The old Dick Sanders Cemetery in Coalmont, located out past Bonnie Oaks Cemetery. At one time there was a community located there with a school, but it is quite remote now.

The brick church is located in Tarlton Valley near the Warren County line. Morton Church.

The inscription picture tells about the Morton church.

The large white building is the old Beersheba Hotel owned by the United Methodist Church now and used for retreats, conferences, etc.

The Armfield Cemetery is located in Beersheba, TN within walking distance of the old hotel.

Bell's Mill.  It looks like a baptism.

Photos contributed by Janelle Taylor (

Waterfalls of the Cumberlands-  Some of these waterfalls are in Grundy County.

Savage Gulf State Natural Area

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This picture was taken on the farm of Mr. Benson Northcutt. I believe it is the home of John Hawk. At least that is what Mr. Northcutt told me.

Here is another picture of what is left of the John Hawk house.

One more picture of the John Hawk house.

This is a picture I took out in Roberts Cove on Mr. Northcutt's farm. It is presently called Hawk's Hollow.

This is a picture of a tombstone for Elijah Crouch. I found a cemetery on the property of Mr. Benson Northcutt which is at the end of Hawk's Hollow Road. I have a project I am working on: to find out whose graves are located in this cemetery. It is not a known cemetery as it is located in the middle of Mr. Northcutt's cow pasture. This tombstone is the only one with a name on it. I thought it might be interesting to post it to your website to see how many people respond to the picture.

Picture of Sartain Springs located on the farm of Marshall Sartain.

Photos contributed by Judy Vaughn (

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