Solomon P. "Bud" Goodman and wife, Eliza Conry

Alfred "Alf" Shetter and Clifford Goodman after fishing

Emmett Goodman at Shetter Reunion, 2000

Hazel Shetter Goodman and her mother, Estelle Moran Shetter on front porch of Estelle's home in Pelham.

John W. Goodman and wife, Eliza Gilliam (retouched photo)

Neal, Emmett, Joann, and Hazel Goodman in Pelham

Students of Valley Home School in Pelham

(Names of students in photo above)

Isaac "Ike" Shetter with great-grandchildren, Mike and Michelle Goodman

Harris and Samantha (Shetter) Gilliam and Estelle (Moran) and Ike Shetter in Pelham

Isaac Shetter at Valley Home School

William Taylor Shetter family in Texas, ca. 1910

Photos contributed by Sharon Goodman (

Minerva Burrow Goodman

Francis Parker Goodman

Nannie Lee Henley Goodman

Photos contributed by Archie Meyers (

Sarah Stoner, the daughter of Henry Stoner and Elizabeth Wilson married 1st, Jesse Fults, son of John Fults and Christina Kite. She married 2nd, Archibald Clark, who had been married 1st to Frances Nunley

John Wesley Fults and son-in-law, Clarence Northcutt

Henry Harrison Nunley and wife, Vina Bell Campbell

Henry Cleveland "Bake" Fults,son of Sarah Stoner and Jesse Fults

Fults home that use to be in Fults Cove. Built by John Fults and wife Christina Kite from Rockingham Co., VA

Friends!  Right to Left: Emer Tosh, Ettner Scott and Lida Fults as a postcard picture

Ellict Andrew "Tom" Campbell and wife, Laura Ann Brown family. They lived in Coffee County, TN when they died.

1922 drive! Seated on the fender: Etner Scott, Emer Tosh, Hettie Fults, Heck Kilgore. In the car Lida Fults and Clarence Northcutt

Family of Archibald Argyle Campbell in front of  his home. Left to Right:Tom & Dick Campbell [cousins],Alonza [m. Stella Tate], William Riley [m. Lesley], Alice [m. Lonnie Myers], Alvin [m. Lizzie Martin Henley], Clara [m. Wesley Summers], Pairlee never married.  2nd wife Elvira Hamby besied Archibald Argyle Campbell whose first wife Malinda Burnett was deceased.

H. A. Campbell was born 30 March 1824 in Warren County, TN and married Martha Elizabeth "Bettie Byrd" on 14 Nov. 1844 in Warren County,TN. His home was located in Grundy County, TN on the side of the mountain overlooking the John & Christina Kite Fults home.

Hardy Albert & Martha Elizabeth Myers Campbell

Photos contributed by Wanda Muncey Gant (

Alvin Campbell riding on Belle. At times people would be out of the cove when the river "came up" and couldn't get back home because the water was too deep for their cars. Sometimes when this happened they would park their cars and blow the horn for my grandfather, Alvin Campbell, to get Belle and come across the river to get them. This was especially true if it was at night and they wanted to spend the night at home instead of their car. When the water went down they would go back and get their cars. The picture of Alvin on Belle was made in front of the site where the house stood where the picture made of the Archibald Argyle Campbell family when Alvin was a small boy.

Archibald Campbell's family in front of their home. This house was within site of the head of Elk River in Burrows Cove. This is the same site as the house where I lived until I graduated High School in 1959. The building to the right in the back was the smoke house and was still there when we lived there.

Photos contributed by Ron Crabtree (

First formal wedding at Providence Methodist Church. The bride and groom are Jean Partin and Lewis Earl Scott.

Daniel B. Patterson and Rosa Ellen Conry on their wedding day.

Buford "Boot" Partin in WWI.

Patterson sisters. Flower patterned dress Margaret Patterson Partin, Jewel Patterson Partin Jacobs, Lucille Patterson Smith, Elsie Patterson Henley, Lorene Patterson Mottern all of Providence community.

Providence School. Front row seated left to right Caldwell Henley, Joe Crouch. 2nd row  left ot right'Bob Crouch, Jr, Ribe Henley, W.D. Crouch, Homer Smith, Alfred Sherrell, Albert Thomas, Lonnie Turner, Duard Roper. 3rd Row - Edith Clark, Jessie B. Conry, Annie B. Sherrel, Nellie B. Conry, Lucille Patterson, Edwene Clark, Elsie Patterson, Novella Smith, Mildred Laxson, Elsie Turner, Effie W. Bell, Bertha Smith,Maymie Henley - teacher. 4th row  florence Henley - visitor, Clara partin, Jewell Patterson, Martha Gilliam, Jennie Mae Conry. 5th row - Burl Henley, Clyde Roper, Roy Smith, Hollis Roper, Raymond Roper, Gladys Henley, Vera Henley

Photos contributed by Jewel P. Jacobs (Rt. 1 Pelham, TN 37366)

Grace Catherine Walker Dyer Cantrell

Sarah Disheroon, Estelle Disheroon Knighton, James (Jimmy) Disheroon, Clara Mosier Disheroon (daughter by previous marriage)

Joe Knighton and Ester

Estelle, Walter, and Pearl Knighton

Photo contributed by Grundy County Historical Society, Box 1422 Tracy City, TN 37387

Collins Family- This link will take you to a website that has Collin family member photos. You can read more about the Collins Family on "Surname Website" page.

Grace Irene (McFarland) LeVan who was born in Monteagle, TN and daughter, Doris May.

Robert Lee McFarland and wife, Jane Bunia (Campbell) McFarland, with one of their children in Monteagle, TN.

McFarland family of Grundy County, TN. The couple seated are Robert Lee McFarland and Jane Bunia Campbell-McFarland. The baby on Bunia's lap is my mother Grace Irene, the little girl on Robert's lap is Mary B. The dark haired little girl is Vera, and the oldest boy in the back is Lawrence.The other two boys may be Clarence and Walter, but not sure. James was not born yet. I don't know who the teenaged girl is in the back, or the darker woman in back, nor the oldest person seated. (Linda sent this update after the photo was on the website. It now describes who is in the photo.  Webmaster)

Martha Hannah Woods Cornelison, b. July 12, 1850 in Grundy Co., TN. She lived in Tracy City, TN with husband, Lawson Hill Levan, b. June 23, 1846. The little girl is one of her grandchildren.

Railroad men- Robert Lee McFarland b.March 1872 is the older man to the far right. The man in the back is my Uncle,Jim Powell b. February 22, 1904, and the man next to Robert is thought to be Clarence McFarland b. September 18, 1899 . The other men to the left have not been identified. If you can identify any of these men, please contact Linda Levan Roy or the webmaster.

Lawson Hill Levan,b. June 23, 1846 in Pelham Valley, Grundy Co., TN and his wife,Martha Hannah Woods Cornelison,b. July 12, 1850 in Grundy Co., TN.

Photos contributed by Linda (Levan) Roy (

Smith, Conry, Jacobs Family,(from left to right):Bettie Jacobs Smith, Daisy Conry, Bet Jacobs, Henry Jacobs, Aunt Mollie

Solomon P. Goodman and Eliza Jane Conry Jacobs Goodman

Samuel Smith

Jerry Smith, Sarah Sain Smith, and Polk Smith (holding Raymond Smith).

Photo contributed by Diana Smith Wyatt 

Oscar Poindexter Goodman

Oscar Poindexter Goodman and his brother

Goodman Family- Aunt Belle Goodman McElderry, Sarah Narcissus (Sallie) Goodman Ogle, with their older brother,Rubin Goodman and his wife, Martha Lawson Goodman and their childeren. Does anyone know which daughter is Stella, Louise and the name of the third. Is it Ina Rae? I don't know who is who of the little ones. (I played with the photo a bit to lighten it up. Click here to see retouched photo.  Webmaster)  UPDATE: Anna Belle Goodman- b. Sept 5, 1887 - died May 24, 1988; Sarah (Sally)Narcissus Goodman - b. June 15, 1885 - died Dec.29, 1950; Rubin Perrin Goodman - b. April 5, 1874 - died Dec. 27, 1918 (Influenza); Martha Elizabeth Lawson (Wife of Rubin) b. Oct 25, 1880, - died Mar 29, 1922; Louise Goodman  b. Oct 25, 1896 - died Oct. 24, 1975; Stella Goodman b. 1899- d. 1925; Ina Ray Goodman b. 1900, d. July 8, 1991. Anna Belle, Sarah and Rubin are the children of George S. Goodman.  The other three children in the photo belong to Rubin and his wife. Thanks to Gene Johnson for the additional information on this photo!

Goodman siblings with niece and nephew

Anna Belle Goodman (?) 1914- The woman looks like the same woman in the picture with Lester O. Goodman, but the faded handwriting looks like the handwriting on the other pictures that could be Sallie, Ada, or Belle. Can anyone match the age of the girl with the dates. The handwriting says, "this is me in 1914". Anyone have a duplicate photo with more information or copainion photographs that goes with this one?

Photos contributed by Deanne Neff (

Salina Evalina Goodman-Sanders,daughter of Anderson S. Goodman and wife of John Russell Sanders.

Contributed by Candis Lee Cattley-Sanders

Eliza Jane Conry Jacobs Goodman

Frances Keeling Conry

Daniel Conry

Lula Cox, Henry Jacobs, Betty Smith, Annie Goodman

Grundy County Courthouse burning, May 3, 1990

1937 Grundy County Football team

Photos contributed by Diane Wyatt  (

Victor, Pearl, and son Hershel Hackworth of Laager, TN

Frances Conry and Anne Conry Creighton

Laura Brown Layne(1)(2)

William Harrison Layne

Black school in Pelham-   Our visitors are the best!  The students in the photo have been identified!  The black school in Pelham picture identification from, who is Marie Hill of Alaska

1949 Pelham Colored School
Back row left to right
Mrs. Roberts, Mrs. Cleo Wilkerson, Mrs Eunice Moore (teacher), Thomas Southern, Frank Hayworth, A.L. Wilkerson

Middle row (l to r)
Jessie Southern, Marie Hayworth, Drucilla Hayworth, Peggy Reasonover, Lulu Wilkerson

Front (l to r)
Samuel Wilkerson, David Wilkerson, John Alec Southern, Wilkerson (don't remember 1st name), young male (don't remember name)

Marie Hayworth Hill
P.O. Box 1732
Eagle River, Alaska 99577
(907) 694-4715

Carrington Scruggs mother, Nancy Layne Scruggs, her brother Abe Layne, and sister Easter Layne Parks.  They were all siblings of my grandfather, Bill Layne.

Chiggertown neighbors:   Bedford R. Glisson and William Robert Turner.

Haskel (left) is the brother of Carrington Scruggs, Gene Williams, Virgil Layne ( son of William Thomas "Bill" Layne;) and Johnny Layne

Hugh Sanders and Almeda Sanders Payne

Mary Conn Payne Mayes taken in 1961 at her home in Payne's Cove

Mary Elsie Payne Layne 1918-1981

Rob Oliver from Payne's Cove in WWII

Isaac Layne and his daughter, Elizabeth Layne.  They lived in Layne's Cove.  Isaac was the father of William Thomas "Bill" Layne and Abraham K. Layne, Sr.  as well.

Layne Family group:  Abe K. and Oda (Aylor) Layne family of Layne's Cove.  Grace, Verda, Bobby, Little Abe (baby), Leora and Jay Layne

Harris Gilliam in Bell's Cove

Clearing Crew for Highway 41 (This photo is larger than the normal size for this website.  Some of these men have been identified, most haven't.)

Alfred Shook family- this photo is larger than normally posted on this website.  It is a dark photo and hard to see well.

Robert and Tressia Childers and Elvira

Photos contributed by Janelle Taylor (

Charles Foster - Tracy City, Tennessee

Photo contributed by Jerry Davenport

Chris Note - Pelham, Tennessee

Photo contributed by Rita Jackson

The Law Family of Tracy City- I wanted to thank all of you for posting your survey of the Law Cemetery on the Grundy County website.  Since I have corresponded with you, I have received more information on the Law family and I thought I should share with anyone who is interested.  I am attaching a photo of the Laws that was probably taken about 1900.  The older couple standing is William Law and Margaret Emaline Parsons Law.  To the left, Fannie, James William, and Alice? are standing. I think Margaret Jane "Jennie" Law Griswold is sitting with three small children.  I scanned the photo from a color copy, so it is not very clear, but you can see the corn stalks off to the right and a fruit tree in the background loaded with fruit.  I believe this photo was taken on the Law's truck farm.  My great-great grandmother Maggie Mae Fox wrote about living on this farm after her mother died in her life story: 
"After my mother’s death close to a year later I was taken to the home of my mother’s father to live.  My father was a rail road engineer.  In a few months he was transferred to Birmingham, Alabama by the Southern Railroad, but I had a very interesting life on a large truck farm, gathering rhubarb for pies which was shipped to Nashville, Tennessee, picking gooseberries and currants also for shipping to different places.  While picking these berries the small green snakes ran through the bushes.  I was not afraid of them but they ran from me. Garlic, early in the Spring it began to sprout, was a favorite vegetable with me. Sometimes after eating it I would go in the house. Those people my Grandmother and others would say here comes the garlic eater. Bill Law, my mother’s half brother, was four months my senior. He and I would go out on the hill side in the fall of the year and gather chestnuts and chinquapins.  Then in cold winter days at night, the whole family would gather around a large fireplace and boil chestnuts, parch peanuts or pop popcorn. Grandfather would read the Bible to us, then everyone would scramble to our own bedrooms and go to bed for the night."

She lived 100 years, so that garlic must have done some good.

I have gathered some documents on William Law including the ship passenger list of the Webster, when he and his daughter Sarah came to New York from Liverpool in 1854.  I have a marriage certificate for William and his first wife Elizabeth Whiston, Married 25 Dec 1850 at St. Matthew's Church, Aston, Warwickshire, England.  It states that William's father name is John Law, a farmer, and Elizabeth's father in John Whiston, a jeweler.  Witnesses were James Law and Elizabeth Law.  William and Elizabeth are living with James and Elizabeth in the 1851 British census in Aston near Birmingham.  William is a nail cutter born in Woodhouse, Leicestershire, age 22.  Elizabeth is 25 born in Birmingham, Warwickshire.  They are "lodgers" in James' house, so I don't know their relation yet.

Also in 1851 British census is John Law, age 75, agric. laborer, living in Woodhouse with a young wife Ann, age 30, and son John, age 7.

I have Sarah Ann Law's birth certificate, born 4 Sep 1852, Court Francis Street, Aston, Warwickshire.  Father William Law, a nailor, Mother Elizabeth Law formerly Whiston.  I also have Elizabeth's death certificate.  She died 29 Dec 1853 at 1 Court Macdonald Street, Birmingham, Warwickshire.  She was 28 and wife of William Law, engineer.

I would be glad to send copies to anyone who is interested.

I am still looking for someone who has information on the other Law children.  Any help identifying the people in the photo would be appreciated.  The Law Cemetery must have several unmarked graves.  From the 1900 census, I gather that Margaret Emaline and William Law had two or three children whole did not live to be listed on a census. I wonder if anyone has a record of those children.  Perhaps there is a Law family Bible still in existence, maybe the one William read to his family on cold winter nights.

The broken headstone in the Law cemetery is most likely William Fox son of Francis Marion and Sarah Ann Law Fox.

If you come across anyone interested in this family, I would love to correspond with them.

Thank you so much for your hard work in keeping the history of Grundy County!

Photo contributed by Stephanie Booth

These pictures were in my grandparents family album. William Victor Hackworth and Leona Pearl Tate Hackworth. W.Victor Hackworth was born and raised in Sequatchie Co.  They had this Gro/Hardware Store somewhere in Old Gruetli, close to the Mt Vernon school, now Mt. Etta Church.  The second Grocery store was on Hwy. 108.  When they left old Gruetli, Victor donated the land to build the school, Victoria.  It was named after him.  The houses he built were in the same area.  Does anyone know where exactly?  I do know it was close by the railroad.The picture of the small Gruetli Train Depot and the people is I believe where Mt Vernon school use to be, - where MT Etta Church is located now.  But I am not for sure.  Some of the Tate pictures are Leona Pearl's siblings, I'm guessing.  I do not know for sure.  The ladies, I have no idea. Could be Gruetli-Laager or Sequatchie Co.?  I will have to send the one of the train depot by itself.   The group picture,I have no idea who they are either.   Relatives and friends?  The same about the mule team.  The Cumberland Mountain Boys, the person in the center is W.Victor Hackworth. I don't know the other two.  This picture was taken at WJIG radio station in Tullahoma while they were on the air.The two pictures that have Tate-Hackworth, that is just how I filed them with my other pictures.  As far as I know they are not Tates or Hackworths.

William Victor and Pearl Hackworth's home
Cumberland Mountain Boys
Father built this house
Father built their first home
Father built this house in 1922
Father built this house in 1927
Friend Tate
Leona's family (?)
Mule team
Tate family (?)

Photos contributed by Gerry Carter

This is an image of Edith Mae Hale (1896-1983) of Grundy County Tennessee.  Edith was the daughter of Tom and Timma Sanders-Hale of Tracy City and the granddaughter of (Timmas' father) Milton Porter Sanders of Pelham.  The original photograph (now in my possession)  was found sometime after 1993 within the personal effects of my deceased great aunt Elsie Sanders of Trafford Alabama. 

Elsie Sanders was the daughter of William Lafayette Sanders (1871-1958)  of Grundy County.      Wm. L Sanders  was the son of Milton P Sanders (1836-1911),  son of Thomas Sanders, Sr. (1790-1855) also of Pelham, TN.  

The following is an excerpt taken from an old Sanders Family letter (now in my possession) which mentions these two cousins, Edith Hale and Elsie Sanders.  ".....when Elsie was a child she came to visit her older cousin Edith Mae Hale in Monteagle, TN.   Elsie said that they stayed at the `doctor`s lodge` there in Monteagle (whom Edith worked for) and that most of what she had learned about our early Sanders family had been told to her by her older cousin Edith. She recalled being told about her Papa's ( Wm. L Sanders`) half brother Sidney Sanders and that Sidney's wife went on to live past 100 years of age.."

Photo contributed by Alma Harings

John Patterson and wife, Margaret Smith Patterson of Providence
Daisy Henley Conry, wife of Leon Conry of Providence
Martin Conry and son, Martin Conry, Jr.
Willie and Annie Harrison Conry
Thomas Conry family  **NOTE:  This file is larger in order to view all persons in photo
Pat and Allie Goodman Partin and children
Pelham Valley Conrys:  (back l-r) Lillard Goodman, Ellis Clay, Eugene Conry, Johnny Conry.  (front l-r) Mona Conry McGovern, Betty Conry Gunn, Margie Conry Burnett

Photos contributed by Jewel Jacobs
Contact via Janelle Taylor

Frances Conry and Mrs. Everett B. Roberts, Sr. were both of Tracy City.

Photo contributed by David Patton
Palmer Town Historian
Contact via Susan Sissom

These pictures are of Joe Boyd Meeks and his dog, Reckless.  Pictures were made 12/15/1988 in Prairie Plains, Coffee County, TN.   Joe was the son of Hense and Etta Meeks of Burrows' Cove, Grundy County TN and husband of Novella Birdwell.  Joe and Novella had no children.

Pictures donated to GCHS by Earnest Meeks, Joe's nephew.

Here is a picture of Annie Layne Gilliam's family.  Annie is the daughter of William Thomas "Bill" Layne & his first wife Mary Jane Blackwell.  Annie is a full sister to Della Layne Cox, Esther Layne Gilliam, Rushie Layne Carroll and Taylor Layne and a half sister to Virgel Layne , Dauntie Layne Gipson & Elbert Layne.

left to right are Mary Hill, Elemerey Layne, Alberta Magouirk, Irene Meeks, Lula Mae Cox, Dellie Gilliam, Annie Layne Gilliam, John Gilliam. Bottom left to right are Earl and Burl Gilliam, and Gerald (Bud) Gilliam.

Photo contributed by Clara Hill Leonard

Benjamine Franklin Payne b. 1804 (is the father of George Conn Payne (b1852).
Wayne Mayes of Tracy City Tennessee (b. 1930, Tracy City, TN) son of Roy Clinton Mayes, and Veola Patrick

Photos contriubuted by Jeanie Womack

Albert C. Mayes, Sr. (1875-1949) lived in Payne's Cove and was married to Mary Conn Payne (1880-1971), daughter of George Conn Payne and wife Almeda "Mead" Sanders.  Their children were Albert C. Mayes, Jr., Maymie Mayes, Oscar Mayes, Grace Mayes Ferrell, Cleo Mayes Wyatt, Roy Mayes, Thelma Mayes Oliver. 

Photo contributed by Janelle Layne Taylor

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